Lake Macquarie Dance Studio, Newcastle, Belmont Dance schools,

Port Macquarie District Eisteddfod Success!

Ryan Smith- 5x 1st Places, 2x 2nd Places, 2nd place Contemporary Championship, 3rd place Modern Championship, 3rd Place Jazz CHampionship,WINNER Jazz Scholarship and Ballet Aggregate

Jess Storey- 2x 3rd Place and Adjudicators Award

Luke Hobbins- 3rd Place and 3x Highly Commendeds

Kate Hobbins- 2nd Place


Swansea dance festival success!

Congratulations! to "Wednesday's Tango" receiving the Best Overall Troupe Award

Quotes by adjudicator Amanda Pickstone

1st place- "Tea party"

"You all make fantastic Alice's"

2nd place- "Funhouse"

"Great energy attack and commitment in routine. I love it!"

(8years & under jazz)

1st place- "Snowy Owls"

"You have cast your magic spell on me- simply beautiful!"

(8 years under modern expressive/contemporary)

1st place- "Weapon of Choice"

"I Love strong male dancers! Good work Lads!"

2nd- "Proud Mary"

"An explosive routine with star quality"

(14years jazz)

1st place- "Wednesday's tango" 93/100

"You were in character from the moment you hit that stage- well done!"

(10years & under contemporary)

1st place- "let me fall"

"you are all amazing dancers and work together as a team"

2nd place- "Live and let die"

"Your choreography is exceptional"

(14 years & under modern expressive/contemporary)

1st place- " Mario" 93/100

(14years & under variety)

1st place- "Cartoon Heroes" 92/100

"I love your innovative choreography, for such a large troupe everyone worked really hard & your unison was great!"

(10 years & under jazz)

Dancer- Kaitlyn Priest

1st place- "Cornish" 92/100

"What a spectacle, you take my breath away"

(15 years & over classical)

1st place- "Circus" 95/100

"You really SOLD your routine to me, every dancer gives 110%"

2nd place- "Alice" 93/100

"You are like little energizer bunnies, you keep going & going. Your production value is second to none, I feel like I'm at the theatre when I watch you!"

(15years & over jazz)

1st place- "Sadie" 95/100

" Wow! Awesome! Brilliant! Super! Fab! Great!"

(15years & over variety)

1st place- "Black Swan" 98/100

"You are the ultimate story tellers"

=3rd place- "Red in the Hood" 94/100

"You give some of the best studios in this country a run for their money"

(15 years & over contemporary/ modern expressive)

Dancers- Kelsy Sammons, Kate Hobbins, Samantha McCririck, Molly-May Shaw and Larysa Bartzcak

Children of the Corn

"A hard working troup. Well Done!"

Amazing routine by Miss Ellana

(15years and over Hip Hop)

Swansea dance festival SOLO success!

Jessica Hooper- 2x Highly Commendeds

Olivia Rees- 1st Place

Cassidy Nancarrow- 2nd Place and Highly Commended, 1st Place Novice Jazz Championship (10 years)

Ryan Smith- 9 x 1st places, 2x 2nd Places, WINNER Jazz Championship, WINNER Modern Championship, 2nd Place Ballet Championship and WINNER Senior Scholarship

Georgia Robinson- 2 x 2nd Places, 8 3rd place and highly commended, 3rd Scholarship and WINNER Senior Classical Championship

Jessica Storey- 2x 1st Places, 2x 2nd Places, 3rd Place and 2nd Place Contemporary Championship

Sophy Lewis- 2nd, 3rd and 4th Place

Ella Matthews- 1st Place

Isabelle Blundell- 4th Place

Georgia Condon- 3rd place, 4th Place & highly commended

Elli Hooper- 2x1st places and 2x2nd Places, 3rd place jazz championship (8 years)

Kaitlyn Priest- 6x 1st places, 2nd place and highly commended, WINNER Junior scholarsip!

Iman Z- highly commended

Shakira Moores- 4th Place, highly commended

Charlotte Lewis- 2x 1st Place, 2nd Place and 2nd Place Jazz Novice Championship

Kendall Lehman-2nd place and 2x Highly Commendeds, 3rd place jazz championship, 3rd place modern championship

Dylan Walters- 2x 1st places, 2x 2nd Places, , 4th place, 3x Highly Commendeds and 2nd Place Jazz Championship

Indi Nancarrow- 1st Place, Highly Commended and 2nd Place Modern Novice Championship

Kirby Pascoe- 1st Place, 2nd and Highly Commended, WINNER Modern Open Championship

Chelsea Harmey- 2nd Place Jazz Championship, Highly Commended Modern Championship

Jenny Boyd- 1st Place, 2x 2nd Place, 2x 3rd Places and 2x Highly Commendeds, 3rd Place Novice Modern, Championship, Highly Commended Modern Championship, 3rd Place Jazz Championship and

WINNER Classical Championship

Gracie Weir- 1st place, 2x 2nd Places and highly commended

Kate Hobbins- 1st Place, 2x 2nd Places, 3rd place and Highly Commended

Taylor Watts- 3rd Place

Tess Symington- 1st place and Highly Commended

Port macquarie eisteddfod success

1st place

Rocky Horror Show

Well done to all students involved, special congratulations to the Hobbins family for organizing the entire event!

Scholarship Day 2012

WOW what a fantastic day!

Belmont Dance Students you were amazing!

Congratulations to the following students who received a FREE terms tuition in the following:

JNR Ballet- Kaitlyn Priest

SNR Ballet- Jennifer Boyd

JNR Tap-

SNR Tap- Amelia Thomas

JNR Hip Hop-

Advanced Hip Hop- Ellie Zaia

JNR Modern- Elli Hooper

Inter/Adv Inter Modern- Tess Symington

SNR Contemporary- Ryan Smith

Sub JNR Jazz- Georgia Condon

JNR/Inter Jazz- Samantha Smith

SNR Jazz-

A Big Thank you to our adjudicator Miss Fiona from Fiona's Studio of Dance

Congratulations to the Best & Runner Up "Best Performers" you took our breathe away!

Elli Hooper, Georgia Robinson, Ryan Smith, James Farnham, Chloe Chivas, Shakira Moores, Tess Symington, Kate Hobbins, Ellie Zaia, Ashley Ball, Charlotte Lewis, Charlotte Harrap, Kendall Lehman, Tarly Harvey, Samantha Smith, Chelsea Harmey, Cassidy Nancarrow........Full list Available in the next week

WOW!!!!! Congratulations to Ryan Smith who competed at Taree eisteddfod!!!

  • WINNER Modern Expressive Championship

  • 2nd Place Contemporary Championship

  • 3rd Place Jazz Championship

  • 3rd Place Ballet Championship

  • WINNER 4 Week Scholarship to Milwaukie Ballet

  • WINNER Most Outstanding Contemporary dancer

Ryan placed in every section he entered, the BDC family are very proud of all your achievements!

Congratulations Sami Smith who also competed and picked up some awards, Well Done Sami!

SOLO Results 2012

Winter Dance festival


WINNER- Dylan Walters Open Jazz/Contemporary

Kaitlyn Priest was awarded

2ND Place 10yrs & under OPEN Jazz & Contemporary Championship & Highly Commended- 10yrs & under Classical Championship

Jennifer Boyd- 3RD PLACE 14yrs & under Jazz/Modern Championship

Ella Mathews- Highly Commended 8yrs & under Restricted Championship

SOLO Results

Melanie Chapman- 2x 1st Places

Cassidy Nancarrow- 1st Place & 2nd place

Kendall Lehman- Highly Commended

Kaitlyn Priest- 1st Place, 2nd Place & Highly Commended

Shakira Moores- 3rd Place

Abbie Stevens- 2nd Place, 3rd Place & Highly Commended

Jenny Boyd- 1st Place, 2nd Place

Kirby Pascoe- 2x Highly Commended

Chelsea Harmey- 2nd Place, Highly Commended

Indi Nancarrow- 3rd Place & 2 x Highly Commended

Keely Scott- 2x Highly Commended

Elli Hooper- 2nd place & Highly Commended

Georgia Condon- 2nd place

Jessica Hooper-1st place

Isabelle Blundell- 1st Place & Highly Commended

Charlotte Lewis- 3rd Place & Highly Commended

Ella Matthews- 1st Place & highly Commended

Dylan Walters- 2x 3rd Places

2012 Achievements

Ritz & Glitz Championship Results

Ryan Smith- 1st Place (Senior Jazz Championship)

1st Place (Senior Entertainment Championship)

1st Place (Senior Modern Championship)

2nd Place- Senior Scholarship WINNER

Ryan also received the "Most Promising Jazz" dancer of the eisteddfod and the top mark of the eisteddfod for his Modern performance "Drift away" 98.5 out of 100

Kaitlyn Priest- 2nd Place (10&u Jazz Championship), 2nd Place- (10&u Classical Championship) & 4th Place (12&u Modern Championship)

Luke Hobbins- 3rd Place (13&o Restricted Championship)

Jessica Hooper- Highly Commended (13&o Restricted Championship)

Keely Scott- Highly Commended (12&u Restricted Championship)

Solo Results Ritz & Glitz Dance Challenge

Tess Symington- 1st place & 2nd Place
Georgia Condon- 1st Place & 2nd Place
Melanie Chapman- 3rd Place & Highly Commended
Casside Nancarrow- 1st Place
Elli Hooper- 1st Place & 2nd place
Sophy Lewis- 2nd Place
Charlotte Lewis- 1st Place & 2x Highly Commendeds
Keely Scott- 2nd Place & 4th Place
Dylan Walters- 2nd Place
Abbey Stevens- 1st Place
Jessica Hooper- 2nd Place
Luke Hobbins- 3rd Place
Kaitlyn Priest- 2x 1st Places & 2nd Place
Kendall Lehman- 1st Place & 2nd Place
Ryan Smith- 3x 1st Places & 2nd Place
Georgia Robinson- 3rd Place & Highly Commended
Larysa Bartczak- 2nd Place & Highly Commended
Samantha Smith- 2nd Place

RITZ & GLITZ Eisteddfod Results

Troupe Achievements!

2nd Place- "FUNHOUSE" (8&u Jazz)

2nd Place- "FREAKSHOW" (13ys & o Hip Hop)

1st Place- "MARIO" & 3rd Place- "Weapon of Choice" (14&u Jazz)

1st Place- "Rocky Horror" (Production)

3rd Place- "Black Swan" (Open age Contemporary)

3rd Place- "Contortionists" & Highly Commended "Let me Fall" (14&u Modern)

2nd Place- "CIRCUS" (Open age Jazz)

2nd Place- "SADIE" (Open Variety)

1st Place- "La Bayadere" (14 & under Classical)

1st Place- "Cornish Rapshody" & 4th Place- "Silk Road"

(Open Classical/ National character)

(Celebrating Samantha's 19th Birthday at the eisteddfod!)

Congratulations EMMA GREENWOOD who has been accepted into Brent Street Performing Arts School...........we wish you the best of luck!

Encore Annual Eisteddfod 2012

WOW OUTSTANDING B.D.C. Troupe results

WINNER Most Outstanding Troupe- "Black Swan"

Troupes Results

1st Place- "FUNHOUSE" (8 & under Jazz)

1st Place- "ORCHESTRA" (10 & under Modern)

1st Place- "Original Prankster" (10 & under Jazz)

1st Place- "MATRIX" (14 & under Jazz)

1st Place- "Black Swan" (Open age Contemporary)

1st Place- "MARIO" (16 & under Variety)

1ST Place- "La Baya-dere" (14 & under Classical)

1ST Place- "Let Me Fall" (14 & under Modern)

1ST Place- "Sadie" (Open age Variety)

1ST Place- "Cornish Rapshody"- (Open age Classical)

1ST Place- "Weapon of Choice" (16 & under Jazz)

1ST Place- "Circus" & 2ND Place- "Sweet dreams" Open Jazz

SOLO Results

Adjudicators Awards

Encouragement Award- Dylan Walters

MOST Promising Jazz Dancer- Kaitlyn Priest

10& under sections

Cassidy Nancarrow- 1st & 2nd Place

Sophy Lewis- Highly Commended

Melanie Chapman- 3rd Place

Kaitlyn Priest- 2x 1st places, 2nd Place & 2x Highly Commendeds,

1st 10years & under Jazz/Modern Championship WINNER

Kendall Lehamn- 2x 1st places, 2nd Place & 2x Highly Commendeds

15& Over Sections

Dylan Walters- 1st place, 3x 2nd Places & 4x Highly Commendeds

8 & under sections

Elli Hooper- 2x 2nd places & 2x Highly Commendeds

Georgia Condon- 2x Highly Commendeds

Ella Mathews- 2x 1st places

Shakira Moores- 1st Place, 2nd Place & Highly Commended

16 & under sections

Georgia Robinson- 2nd Place, 2x 3rd Places & 2x Highly Commendeds, 3rd Place Jazz/Modern Championship WINNER & 2nd Place Classical Championship WINNER

Larysa Bartzcak- 3rd Place & 2x Highly Commendeds

3rd Place Classical Championship WINNER

RYAN Smith- 8x 1st Places & 2nd Place,

2x 1st Places Jazz/Modern & Classical Championships WINNER

12 & under sections

Charlotte Lewis- 2x 1st Places, 2nd Place & Highly Commended

Tess Symington- 1st Place & 2nd Place

Taylor Watts- 3x Highly Commendeds

Keely Scott- 1st Place, 2x 2nd Places & Highly Commended

Indi Nancarrow- 1st Place & Highly Commended

14& under sections

Jessica Hooper-McCann- 2nd Place, 3rd Place

Kirby Pascoe- 2x 1st Places & 3rd Place

Jennifer Boyd- 2x 1st Places, 2nd Place and Highly Commended

Congratulations to all students who particpated in the eisteddfod!

We are very proud of B.D.C. students!.