Lake Macquarie Dance Studio, Newcastle, Belmont Dance schools,

2013 Success!


Ryan Smith has been accepted into the Ev&BOW full time course in Sydney


Swansea Dance Festival

Outstanding Major Award Winners!!!

Kaitlyn Priest- WINNER Rising Star Award

Georgia Robinson- WINNER Rising Star Award

Ryan Smith- Runner-Up Senior Scholarship

B.D.C. WINNER Best Overall Troupe

B.D.C. WINNER Best Choreography

Amazing!!!!! Championship Results!!

Kaitlyn Rees

Highly Commended 6yrs Jazz Championship

Darian Lucas

Highly Commended Babies Championship

Penny Hollis

Highly Commended Babies Championship

Olivia Rees

Winner 8yrs Jazz Championship

Winner 8yrs Classical championship

Kendall Lehman

2nd PLACE 10yrs Jazz Championship

Kaitlyn Priest

Winner 12yrs Classical Championship

Winner 12yrs Jazz Championship

Winner 12yrs Lyrical Championship

Cassidy Nancarrow

Runner-Up 12yrs Jazz Championship

Highly Commended 12yrs Modern Championship

Melanie Chapman

Highly Commended 12yrs Classical Championship

Georgia Atherton

Winner 14yrs Novice Lyrical Championship

Keely Scott

3rd PLACE 14yrs Novice Lyrical Championship

Georgia Robinson

Winner 15yrs & Over Classical Championship

3rd PLACE 15yrs & Over Contemporary Championship

Ryan Smith

Winner 15yrs & Over Jazz Championship

Winner 15yrs & Over Modern Championship

Runner-Up 15yrs & Over Classical Championship

Jenny Boyd

Highly Commended 15&o Jazz Championship

Highly Commended 15&O Modern Championship

Outstanding Solo Results

6yrs & under

Kaitlyn Rees- 2nd PLACE

Penny Hollis- 3rd PLACE

Darian Lucas- 4th PLACE

8yrs & under

Olivia Rees- 5x 1st PLACES & 2nd PLACE

Isabelle Blundell- 1st PLACE, 2x 2nd PLACES & 3rd PLACE

Elli Hooper- 1st PLACE, 2nd PLACE, 3rd PLACE & Highly Commended

Saachi Nicol- 4th PLACE

10yrs & under

Kendall Lehman- 3rd PLACE

Iman Zozworeck- 3rd PLACE

Georgia Condon-3x 3rd PLACES & Highly Commended

Shakira Moores- 4th PLACE & 2x Highly Commendeds

12yrs & under

Kaitlyn Priest- 5x1st PLACES, 2x 3rd PLACES & Highly Commended

Cassidy Nancarrow- 2x 2nd PLACES & 3rd PLACE

Melanie Chapman- 2nd PLACE,2x 3rd PLACES & Highly Commended

14yrs & under

Keely Scott- 2x 1st PLACES & 2x 2nd PLACES

Georgia Atherton- 1st PLACE & 3x 3rd PLACES

Indi Nancarrow- Highly Commended

15 yrs & over

Ryan smith- 5x 1st PLACES, 3rd PLACE & 4th PLACE

Georgia Robinson- 1st PLACE, 4x 2nd PLACES, 3x 3rd PLACES & Highly Commended

Kirby Pascoe- 2nd PLACE

Gemma Brown- 3rd PLACE & Highly Commended

Jenny Boyd- 2x 5th PLACES

Lucy Cook- 4th PLACE

Kayla Cropper- Highly Commended

Georgie Morgan- 3rd PLACE

Kate Hobbins- 1st PLACE

Fantastic Troupe Results

1st Place- Snowy Owls & 4th Place- Sweet Dreams

(8yrs modern/contemporary)

2nd Place- little Shop of Horrors (10yrs variety)

5th Place- Don't Stop the Party (12yrs Hip Hop)

2nd Place- Cartoon Heroes (10 yrs jazz)

1st Place- Teaparty & 3rd Place- Oompah Loompah

(8yrs jazz)

1st Place- Wednesdays Tango & 4th Place- Cupcake Fever

(10yrs modern/ contemporary)

1st Place- Star Trek (15yrs over Variety)

2nd Place- Alice & 4th Place- Toxic (15yrs Over jazz)

1st Place- Marilyn & 3rd Place- Mirror Mirror

(14yrs modern/contemporary)

2nd Place- Fallen Angels (15yrs over contemporary)

1st Place- Spanish Classical (15yrs over Classical)

2nd Place- Fashionista & 3rd Place- Proud Mary

(14yrs jazz)

1st Place- Technologica & 3rd Place- Children of the Corn

(15 yrs over Hip Hop)

1st Place- Mario (15 yrs over Variety)

A big congratulations to the senior modern group for their first ever eisteddfod! "Stay"


Port Macquarie Eisteddfod Success

Kate Hobbins- Won every section she entered!

WINNER Vocal Championship score 99/100 amazing!!!


McDonald's Performing Art Challenge (sydney)

Jess Storey- 4th place Open 17 years contemporary ( top 6 finalist against 48 competitors)

Luke Hobbins- receiving 90/100 for his jazz

Lake Macquarie Dance Festival

Georgia Morgan- 1st PLACE

Maitland Eisteddfod

Gemma Brown- 1st PLACE


Belmont Dance Centre

Scholarship Day WINNERS

Ella Matthews JNR & Jess Storey SNR Classical Scholarship WINNERS

Melanie Chapman JNR & Amy Swan SNR Tap Scholarship WINNERS

Maria Karmaniolos OVERALL Hip Hop Scholarship WINNER

Isabelle Blundell JNR, Kirby Pascoe INTER & Georgia Robinson SNR Modern Scholarship WINNERS

Olivia Rees JNR, Georgia Atherton INTER & Luke Hobbins SNR Jazz Scholarship WINNERS

Congratulations to the following students WINNING Best Performer and Runner-up Best Performer

Melanie Chapman, Kaitlyn Rees, Taylor Watts, Abbey Stevens, Bronte Foran, Amelia Thomas, Maria Karmaniolos, Kendall Lehman, Kaitlyn Priest, Georgia Robinson, Claire Beasly, Charlotte Harrap, Emily Marsh, Courtney Maher, Georgia Condon, Olivia Rees, Sami Smith, Indi Nancarrow, Cassidy nancarrow, Halle Mcgregor, Shakira Moores, Cailene Dowl

Perpetual Trophy WINNERS

Gemma Brown, Lucy Cook, Iman Zwozworeck, Monique Orloski, Kendall Lehman, Kaitlyn Priest, Indi Nancarrow, Megan Kennedy, Alex Harrap, Sami Smith, Bronte Foran, Chelsea Harmey, Ryan Smith, James Farnham, Amy Norley


Dynamic Dance Festival- Blacktown

WINNER- Most Entertaining Troupe Award

1st PLACE- Star Trek (Review)

2nd PLACE- Marilyn (14/u Modern expressive)

1st PLACE- Sadie (Variety)

H/C- Live & Let Die (14/u Contemporary)

1st PLACE- Mario (14/u Jazz)

=3rd PLACE- Children of the Corn (Open Hip Hop)

1st PLACE- Blackswan (Open Contemporary)

2nd PLACE- Red in the Hood (Open Contemporary)

1st PLACE- Alice (Open Jazz)

4th PLACE- Circus (Open Jazz)

Winter Dance Festival

SOLO Success

Jenny Boyd- WINNER 16/u Jazz Championship, WINNER Senior Ballet Championship, 3x 1st PLACES & 2nd PLACE

Georgia Condon- 3x 1st PLACES, 8/u Adjudicators award

Elli Hooper- 1st PLACE, 2x 2nd PLACES and Highly Commended

Olivia Rees- 1st PLACE & 2x 2nd PLACES

Katy Rees- 1st PLACE

Isabelle Blundell- 2x Highly Commendeds

Georgia Atherton- Merit

Cassidy Nancarrow- 1st PLACE

Keely Scott- 2nd PLACE & Highly Commended

Indi Nancarrow- 3rd PLACE

Kaityln Priest- 2x 2nd PLACES & 2x 3rd PLACEs, H/C in 12/u Jazz Championship, 12/u Adjudicators Award

Melanie Chapman- 1st PLACE & 2nd PLACE

Sophy Lewis- 2nd PLACE, 3rd PLACE & Highly Commended

Charlotte Lewis- 2x 2nd PLACES

Shakira Moores- 2x Highly Commendeds

Ella Matthews- 1st PLACE


RITZ & GLITZ Dance Challenge Success!


Kaitlyn Priest JNR Showcase Scholarship WINNER

Ryan Smith SNR Showcase Scholarship WINNER

Outstanding- SOLO Results

Kaityln Priest- 1st PLACE, 2x 3rd PLACEs, Highly Commended & 3rd PLACE 12yrs Modern Championship

Charlotte Lewis- 1st PLACE & 3x Highly Commendeds

Ryan Smith- 5x 1st PLACEs, 4x 2nd PLACEs, WINNER Senior Modern Championship, WINNER Senior Jazz Championship, 2nd PLACE Senior Classical Championship

Georgia Robinson- 1st PLACE, 2x 2nd PLACEs, 2x 3rd PLACEs, 4th PLACE, WINNER Senior Classical Championship, 3rd PLACE Jazz Championship & Highly Commended Senior modern Championship

Cassidy Nancarrow- 1st PLACE, 2nd PLACE, Highly Commended & Highly Commended 12/u Restricted Championship

Kendall Lehman- Highly Commended, 3rd PLACE 10yrs Jazz Championship

Shakira Moores- 2x 2nd PLACEs, Highly Commended 10/u Rest Championship

Tess Symington- 4th PLACE & Highly Commended

Chelsea Harmey- Highly Commended

Jessica Storey- 1st PLACE, 2nd PLACE & 3x Highly Commendeds

Jennifer Boyd- 3rd PLACE, 4th PLACE, 3rd PLACE Jazz Championship, Highly Commended Modern Championship

Melanie Chapman- Highly Commended

Keely Scott- 1st PLACE, 2nd PLACE & Highly Commended

Kirby Pascoe- 4th PLACE & Highly Commended 14yrs Jazz Championship

Georgia Atherton- 2nd PLACE, 2x Highly Commendeds & Highly Commended 13/0 Restricted Championship

Alice Barlow- Highly Commended

Maria Karmaniolos- 1st PLACE

Jessica Hooper-McCann- 2nd PLACE

Georgia Condon- 1st PLACE & 2nd PLACE

Olivia Rees- 2 x 2nd PLACEs

Elli Hooper- 2nd PLACE, 3rd PLACE & Highly Commended

Ella Mathews- 1st PLACE, Highly Commended &

2nd PLACE 10/u Restricted Championship

Luke Hobbin- 2nd PLACE

Iman Zozworek- Highly Commended

RITZ & GLITZ-WOW Amazing-Troupe Results

1st PLACE- TEAPARTY (8/u Jazz)

1st PLACE- Wednesday's Tango (10/u Contemporary)

1st PLACE- Snowy Owls (8/u Modern)

1st PLACE- Cartoon Heroes (10/u jazz)

2nd PLACE- Cornish (Open Classical)

1st PLACE- Children of the Corn (Open Hip Hop)

2nd PLACE- Marilyn (14/u Modern)

2nd PLACE- Live and Let Die (14/u Contemporary)

=1st Place- Star Trek (Production)

Highly Commended- Proud Mary (14/u Jazz)

1st Place- Red in the Hood (Open Contemporary) &

3rd Place- Black Swan (Open Contemporary)

1st PLACE- Alice (Open Jazz)

1st PLACE- Sadie (Open Variety)

3rd PLACE- Mario (Ultimate Group Award)


ENCORE Eisteddfod Success!

Adjudicator Awards

Congratulations to Ryan Smith

* WINNER Most Promising Ballet,

* WINNER Most Entertaining, &


Congratulations to Kate Hobbins

WINNER Most Promsing Song & Dance

Championship SUCCESS!

Abbey Stevens- 1st Place WINNER Intermediate Classical Championship

Jenny Boyd- 2nd Place Intermediate Classical Championship

Ryan Smith- WINNER Senior Classical Championship

Kendall Lehman- 2nd Place 10/u Jazz Championship

Jenny Boyd- Highly Commended 14/u Jazz Championship

Georgia Robinson- 3rd Place 16/u Jazz Championship

GROUP success


Open Classical & Jazz groups both receiving 97/100

1st Place- Snowy Owls (10/u Modern)

2nd Place- Teaparty (10/u Jazz)

1st Place- Wednesday's Tango (12/u Contemporary)

2nd Place- Live and Let Die (16/u Contemporary)

1st Place- Cartoon Heroes (12/u Jazz)

2nd Place- Marilyn (14/u Modern)

1st Place- Cornish Raphsody (Open Classical)

1st Place- Circus (Open Jazz)

2nd Place- Alice (Open Jazz)

1st Place- Black Swan (Open Contemporary)

2nd Place- Red in the Hood (Open Contemporary)

1st Place- Sadie (Open Variety)

2nd Place- Proud Mary (14/u jazz)

1st Place- Children of the Corn (16/u Hip Hop)

DUO success

1st Place- Ryan Smith & Jessica Storey

Encore Eisteddfod SOLO Success

Ryan Smith- 2x 1st Places

Jessica Storey- 2nd Place

Chelsea Harmey- 3rd Place

Georgia Robinson- 1st Place, 2x 2nd Places & 2x Highly Commendeds

Jessica Hooper-McCann- 1st place, 3rd Place & Highly Commended