Lake Macquarie Dance Studio, Newcastle, Belmont Dance schools,

Congratulations Ella Matthews
securing a spot in the Australian Ballet School Interstate Programme

Swansea Dance Festival
Major award Winners

Kallee Richardson- WINNER Rising Award (Ministry of Dance)
Emily Marsh- WINNER Rising Star Award (Brent Street)
Olivia Rees- 2nd PLACE Pre-Junior Scholarship
Kaitlyn Priest- 3rd PLACE Intermediate Scholarship
Kirby Pascoe- Adjudicators Award

Championship Success

Georgia Atherton- WINNER Open Classical
Kallee Richardson- WINNER Open Modern & Runner-up Jazz
Kaitlyn Priest- WINNER 14/u Jazz & 3rd PLACE Modern
Georgia Condon- Runner-Up 12/u Jazz
Emily Marsh- WINNER 10/u Jazz & Runner-up Novice Modern
Hallee McGregor- WINNER 10/u Classical, 3rd Novice Jazz & Modern
Olivia Rees- 3rd PLACE Jazz
Cailene Dow- Runner-up & 3rd PLACE 10/u Novice Jazz & Modern
Penny Hollis- WINNER 8/u Novice Jazz
Kaitlyn Rees- WINNER Jazz
Kendall Lehman- WINNER Novice 12/u Classical
Ella Matthews- WINNER 12/u Classical
Tahlia Clarke- WINNER 14/u Novice Jazz

Congratulations to all competitors who received a multitude of awards we are very proud!

Swansea Dance Festival
Outstanding Troupe Results!!!!!!!!

WINNERS- Most Entertaining $100 Cash

8/u Sections

1st PLACE- Minions (Jazz)
Highly Commended- Angry Birds (Jazz)
2nd PLACE- Synchronised
Swimmers (Contemporary)

10/u Sections
2nd PLACE- Where's Waldo? (Jazz)
2nd PLACE- Snakes & Ladders (Contemporary)
3rd PLACE- Electricity (Contemporary)

12/u Sections
2nd PLACE- Gone Girls (Contemporary)
2nd PLACE- Poker (Jazz)
2nd PLACE- Albatroaz (Hip Hop)
Highly Commended- Werk (Hip Hop)

14/u Sections
Highly commended- Egypt (Jazz)
Highly Commended- Let her Go (Modern Lyrical)
Highly Commended- China (Contemporary)

1st PLACE- Technologica (Hip Hop)
1st PLACE- Fractured Fairytale (Production)
2nd PLACE- Rhapsody in Blue (Classical)
3rd PLACE- Checkmate (Classical)
3rd PLACE- Uptown Funk (Jazz)
3rd PLACE- JFK (Lyrical)
Highly Commended- Adam & Eve (Contemporary)

Lake Macquarie Eisteddfod
Emily Marsh- 1st PLACE, 2x 2nd PLACE, 2x 3rd PLACES & H/C
WINNER Most Promising JNR Jazz Dancer
Kayla Cropper- 1st PLACE
Kirby Pascoe- 1st PLACE, 3rd PLACE, H/C & H/C Jazz Championship
Hannah Barnes- 1st PLACE & 2nd PLACE
Cassidy Nancarrow- 3rd PLACE Jazz Championships & H/C

Live to Dance Ultimate Challenge


Kendall Lehman WINNER Rising Star Award $100

Halle McGregor WINNER Rising Star Award $150
Kallee Richardson WINNER 15/o Open
Kirby Pascoe 3rd PLACE 15/o Open
Tahlia Clarke WINNER 14u Rest & 3rd PLACE
Cassidy Nancarrow 3rd PLACE 14/u Open
Kaitlyn Priest 6th PLACE & H/C 14/u Open
Kendall Lehman WINNER 12/u Spec rest & Highly Commended Open
Olivia Rees 2nd PLACE, 4th PLACE, H/C 10/u Open
Georgia Condon 3rd PLACE 10/u Open
Kaitlin Rees WINNER 8/u Open & H/C
Halle McGregor 3rd PLACE 10/u Rest
Tess Symington 3rd PLACE 14/u Spec Rest
Cailene Dow 3rd PLACE & 2x H/C 10/u Spec Rest
Elli Hooper H/C 10/u Spec Rest
Kaitlin Rees WINNER, 3rd PLACE & 5th PLACE 8/u Spec rest, WINNER Rest
WINNERs 10/u Trio Elli, Olivia & Halle

Improvisation Recipients
Halle-2x 1st PLACES, 3rd PLACE & H/C
Olivia-2x 2nd PLACES, 3rd PLACE & H/C
Georgia- 2nd PLACE 2x H/C
Saachi- H/C
Elli- 2x H/C
Kaitlin- 1st PLACE, 2x 2nd PLACES
Kendall- 3rd PLACE, 4th PLACE & H/C
Kallee- 1st PLACE
Kirby- 3rd PLACE
Tahlia- 1st PLACE & 2nd PLACE

Scholarship WINNERS

Halle McGregor- JNR Ballet
Hannah Barnes- SNR Ballet
Kendall Lehman- Tap
Skye Johnson- Hip Hop
Penny Hollis- JNR Modern
Ella Matthews- Adv/Inter Modern
Keely Scott- SNR Modern
Kaitlyn Rees-Sub JNR Jazz
Georgia Condon- Adv/inter Jazz
Jenny Boyd- SNR Jazz

Best Performance WINNERS and Runner Up WINNERS

Halle McGregor, Olivia Rees,

Penny Hollis, Kaitlyn rees, Kirby Pascoe, Kaitlyn Priest, Ella Matthews, Jenny Boyd,

Indi Nancarrow, Cassidy Nancarrow, Darian Lucas, Shakira Moores, Tess Symington,

Chloe Reynolds, Maria Karmaniolis, Monique Orlowski, Georgia Condon

Winter Dance Festival

SOLO Results
Kendal Lehman- RUNNER -UP Scholarship WINNER, Highly Commended Jazz Championship, 1st Place, 2nd Place & 5x Highly Commended
Emily Marsh- 3x 1st Places, 2x 2nd Place, 2x 3rd Places & 2x Highly Commended

Saachi Nicol- 1st Place & 2x Highly Commended
Charlise Buddingh- Highly Commended
Shanaya Buddingh- 2x Highly Commended
Monique Orlowski- 2x Highly Commended

Outstanding -Ritz & Glitz Dance Challenge Troupe Results & Solo Results


Kallee Richardson- WINNER Senior SHowcase $250 Cash Prize
WINNER 15/0 Jazz Championship
Highly Commended Modern Championship
2x 1st PLACES, 2x 2nd PLACES, 3rd PLAcE & Highly Commended

Kaitlyn Priest- 3rd PLACE 14/u modern Chamionship
Highly Commended Jazz Champiosnhip
1st PLACe, 2x 2nd PLACES & 3rd PLACE

Georgia Atherton- 3rd PLAcE 15/o Modern Championship

Kirby Pascoe- 2x 1st PLACES

Jenny Boyd- Highly Commended

Kate Hobbins- 2x 1st Plaes & Highly commended

Luke Hobbins- 3x Highly Commendeds

Georgia condon- WINNER 10/u Jazz Championship
2nd Place, 3rd Place, 2x highly commendeds

Olivia Rees- 1st Place, 2nd place, 2nd place Jazz championship, highly commended modern championship & Highly Commended classical championship

Halle McGregor- 3x 1st PLACES & Highly commended Jazz Championship

chloe reynolds- 1st place & 2nd place

kayla Cropper- 2nd place

Tahlia Clarke- 2nd PLace, 3rd PLACE & Highly Commended

emily marsh- 2x 1st place, 2nd place, 3x 3rd places & highly commended

Kaitlyn Rees-2nd PLACE & 2x 3rd PLACES & Highly Commended & Highly Commended Jazz Championship

Shanaya Buddingh- Highly Commended

Ella Agland- 2nd PLAcE & 2x Highly Commendeds

Penny Hollis- 2nd PLACE & Highly Commended

Brooke Baxter- 3rd Place Highly CommendeD

Shakira Moores- 1st Place, 2nd Place & 2x Highly Commendeds

elli hooper- highly commended

saachi nicol- highly commended

cailene dow- 2x highly commendeds

lisa goodwin- 1st place

Melanie chapman- 1st place & Highly commended

Tess Symington- 3rd PLACE

MOnique orlowski- highly commended

WINNERS- Ultimate Troupe $500 CASH
"Fractured Fairytale"
1st PLACE- "The Minions"
1st PLACE- "Poppies of War"
1st PLACE- "Electricity"
2nd PLACE- "Bom Bom"
1st PLACE- Egypt
H/C- "Raining Men"
1st PLACE- "Ming Dynasty"
2nd PLACE- "Let Her Go"
H/C- "The Garden of Evil"

3rd PLACE- "JFK"
H/C- "Roxanne & Romeo and Juliet"
1st PLACE- "Technologic"
3rd PLACE- "Frankensteins Bride"
2nd PLACE- "Werk'
3rd PLACE- "Waltz of the Flowers"


Live to Dance Challenge

HALLE MCGREGOR WINNER- Rising Star Award $250 Cash
Kallee Richardson WINNER- Rising Star Award $250 CASH & 2nd PLACE Open $100 CASH
Olivia Rees- Winner 10/u Open $200 Cash
Hallee Mcgregor- Winner 8/u Spec Rest $200 Cash
Kailtyn Rees- 2x 5th PLACES

Troupe Results
1st PLACE- Fractured Fairytale
1st PLACE- Technologic
1st PLACE- Rhapsody in Blue
3rd PLACE- Adam & Eve
H/C- Roxanne & Romeo & Juliet
Encore Dance Eisteddfod
Solo Results
Championship Success

Kaitlyn Rees- 8/u Jazz Championship WINNER
Georgia Condon 10/u Classical and Jazz Championship WINNER
Kaitlyn Priest- 14/u Jazz Championship WINNER
Cassidy NAncarrow- Runner-Up Jazz Championship
Kirby Pascoe- 16/u Jazz Championship WINNER
Jennifer Boyd- Open Age Classical Championship WINNER

Kendall Lehman-2x 1st Places, 2x 2nd Places, 3rd Place & Highly Commended

Georgia Condon- 2x 1st Places, 2nd Place & 3rd Place

Emily Marsh- 2x 1st Places, 2x 2nd Places and 2x 3rd Places

Isabelle Blundell- 1st Place & Highly Commended

Chloe Reynolds- 1st Place & 2x 2nd Places

Tahlia Clarke- 2x 1st Places & 2nd Place & Highly commended

Kirby Pascoe- 1st Place 2x 2nd Places & 2x 3rd Places

Tahlia Swaine- 2x 1st Places & Highly Commended

Lisa Goodwin- Highly Commended

Melanie Chapman- 2x 1st Places & 2nd Place

Tess Symington- 2nd Place & Highly Commended

Cassidy Nancarrow- 2x 1st Places & 2nd Place

Priest- 2x 2nd Places

Jenny Boyd- 2x 1st Places

Kayla Cropper- 1st Place & Highly Commended

Kailtyn Rees- 1st Place and 2x Highly Commendeds

Elli Hooper-2x 3rd Places & Highly Commended

Iman Zozworeck- 1st Place

Maria Karmaniolos- 1st Place

Brooke Baxter- 1st Place & Highly Commended

Ella Agland- 1st Place & Highly Commended

Luke Hobbins- 1st Place


Ritz and Glitz Summer Series
Kirby Pascoe- Winner 15/0 Modern Championship

Kirby Pascoe- 1st Place

Monique Orlowski- 2nd Place & Highly Commended