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Olivia Moffat

Olivia Moffatt is one of our newest dance teachers, beginning her teaching journey at Belmont Dance Centre in 2021.

Miss Olivia has been dancing since she was three years old and always knew it was something she was passionate about. After dancing for over 20 years, she’s never once thought about giving it up. She specialises in jazz, hip hop, modern and musical theatre styles.

While Miss Olivia teaches various dance styles at Belmont Dance Centre, she particularly loves jazz, and jazz, funk, hip-hop – also known as JFH.

Miss Olivia also teaches small groups for competitions and brings a wealth of dance knowledge and enthusiasm to her classes.

Some of her favourite artists to dance to include Amy Winehouse, Dua Lipa and Janet Jackson.

Miss Olivia loves sharing her love for dance with her students. She said one of her favourite things about working at Belmont Dance Centre is being able to work with so many talented kids who are as passionate about dance as she is. She also said she loves the supportive staff and team who share her love for dance and nurturing students’ talent.

With two decades of dancing under her belt, Miss Olivia is always offering her knowledge to our students and teachers.

When asked what her top dance tip for students would be, Miss Olivia said, “Don’t put yourself in a box. Being versatile and trying different skills and dance styles is the greatest thing you can do as a dancer. It’s also important to know yourself and what it is you want out of dance.”

When Miss Olivia isn’t teaching, she enjoys going for walks, listening to music or attending her own dance classes! Miss Olivia is always looking to learn new dance techniques and skills and loves sharing these with her students.


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