dance classes, What dance classes do we offer at Belmont Dance Centre?

What dance classes do we offer at Belmont Dance Centre?

Whether you’re enrolling in a dance studio for the first time or the tenth time, it’s important you find the right dance classes that can cater to your child’s wants and needs.

At Belmont Dance Centre, we offer over eight different dance genres. These classes are available at both recreational and eisteddfod levels, so we have plenty of styles for you to choose from. We are Lake Macquarie’s leading dance school, so whether you are looking to have fun or to dance at an elite level, we offer dance classes to suit all levels of experience.

Do you want to enrol your child into dance classes, but don’t know where to begin? We’ve broken down our different dance classes below.


This class is ideal for you if your child wants to focus on combining the strength and flexibility of gymnastics with the power of tumbling. As a dancer, learning acrobatic tricks will help develop flexibility, balance, coordination and control which will benefit your child’s dance ability.

Our classes are taught by a fully qualified instructor who was an Olympic gymnast herself!


We hold a range of ballet classes from recreational to R.A.D (Royal Academy of Dance) classes. Our ballet classes are taught to students from pre-primary to advanced levels.

This form of dance is a classic genre involving strong technique, high precision and grace with intricate flowing patterns and expressing movement. Ballet is a disciplined style of dance that develops a student’s poise, strength, fitness, expression and coordination as well as promoting self-discipline and self-esteem. 

We also offer classical ballet classes taught by R.A.D qualified teachers focusing on board examination dance training and education.

Hip Hop

Hip hop at Belmont Dance Centre is a vibrant and exciting style of street dance. This unique style of dance is a combination of freestyle moves showcasing breaking, locking, crumping and popping to the rhythm of the beat.

This form of street dance has evolved into one of the most influential styles and requires strength flexibility and movement to express individual talent. Our students love being involved in our hip hop classes because they really allow them to express their individuality.


Want to find a dance style where your child can step, groove and twist to the beat? Look no further! Our jazz dance classes are a combination of unique moves, big leaps, high jumps, sharp turns, fancy footwork and fast movements.

Jazz is one of our most popular dance styles. It’s the perfect introduction to the world of dance if your child is new and unsure of which style they might like.


Contemporary dance is a form of mixed genres such as classical ballet, jazz and lyrical styles. This style requires strong core strength, high sense of body coordination and rhythm as the movement is very abstract and features lots of floor work.  

If your child enjoys self-expressive movement with a strong focus on technique, then this dance style is perfect for them!

Musical Theatre

Does your child love performing and putting on a show? This class offers a pathway for students who have a passion for musical theatre.

This style is an opportunity to explore the combination of movement and acting to grow their skills in a supportive learning environment!


This dancing style is an exciting style as dancers wear equipped metal shoes on their feet to create rhythmic beats. Tap dancing allows dancers to focus on musicality and improvisation in a timely manner to the tempo while moving their body. When performing tap, dancers use steps from other dance genres in combination with fancy footwork and advanced rhythm.

We teach the Les Griffith Tap Dance Academy Syllabus (GTDA) syllabus, which was created by the highly renowned tap guru, Mr Les Griffiths. Our tap teacher, Miss Gina Mead, is an LGTDA tap examiner so you know our students are being taught by the best.

Tiny Tots Ballet and Jazz

Watch your children gain a love of music and dance in our Tiny Tots class! Tiny Tots is for children turning four and is designed to develop coordination, confidence and a sense of rhythm through movement, music and mime.

The class features a combination of ballet and jazz styles and is mainly focused on the students’ enjoyment and creativity.

Prep Dance (Level up from Tiny Tots 2020)

Prep dance is for children who are currently in preschool and are turning six between April and December 2021. It is a gentle introduction to classical ballet technique. The focus is on rhythm and dance skills. As with Tiny Tots, there is a large emphasis on creativity and enjoyment whilst beginning to learn the foundations of classical ballet. 


Pre-primary is for students who will be six years old by April 2021. This is a carefully structured syllabus suitable for boys and girls which begins from when children are in Kindergarten at school.

Students are taught the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) syllabus, which is a London based organisation, recognised and taught in over 70 countries around the world.

Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace and can undertake optional examinations at the end of each grade.

Mummy and Me

Do you have a little one at home who is eager to try dance classes? This dance class is the perfect introduction to dance for young children aged two to three years of all genders and abilities.

Mummy and Me dance classes help increase confidence, encourage creativity and promote physical activity in your child. And you get to have fun together!

Adult Classes

We offer a range of adult classes throughout the week! These classes are for the closeted ballerina or for those who simply want to have fun and exercise!

Extension Classes

Our team works with local schools to further support our students in the pursuit of a professional career in dance. This association allows our students to attend the studio for half a day in our extension classes as part of their school learning to extend their progression.

As Lake Macquarie’s leading dance school, we offer a wide variety of dance styles for all ages and abilities. If you are looking to enrol in our dance school,  contact us today to discuss which dance classes are best for your child.