Health benefits of dance, Why Dance Is Important For Your Health

Why Dance Is Important For Your Health

Aside from being a captivating and uplifting experience, did you know there are also numerous health benefits of dance?

Dance is a way of expressing your body through movement, it supports creative thinking skills through coordination and it’s a way of telling a story. It’s not uncommon to think of dance as a work of art! However, the benefits of dance also go much further than the positive impact on the mind and soul. Dance is a form of exercise that offers physical, mental, and emotional health benefits to people, young and old.

Here are three benefits that might send you straight to your feet and moving to your favourite tune.

1. Dance is a fantastic physical activity (and it might take less motivation to get involved than other exercise types)

Dance is a great form of activity that teaches the importance of movement and fitness in one sport. The obvious health benefits of dance include the reduced chances of obesity, keeping healthy blood pressure, and burning calories. But did you know dance also improves balance, develops and strengthens muscles and boosts your overall mental health?

Importantly, it also improves coordination skills and kinesthetic memory, which are a strong foundation for a child’s development but also important in preserving memory and fighting off diseases like dementia in older people.

Dance presents an opportunity for you to use your imagination, express your individuality in a productive manner, and control your emotions. That’s why they link dance to breaking free – it really does let you be yourself.

2. Sense of community

Alongside the numerous physical health benefits of dance, there are great mental health benefits to dance! Dance promotes socialisation, teamwork and contributes to cognitive development which is important for your health.

Dancing in a community of like-minded people teaches valuable lessons on how to be a part of something bigger, as you learn to work with others, take turns and collaborate in groups.

Dance can also improve your mental health by connecting with friends. We are social creatures who require a bit of interaction with others to maintain our mental health. Participating in a dance class with some of your friends means you can socialise and groove at the same time. What a way to improve your physical and mental health!

Through creating different shapes and forms of movement, will not only allow for growth in your physical health but expand your mind as well! Dance exploration can bring together individuals from different backgrounds and teaches important lessons of adapting to new environments.

3. Reduces stress

Another health benefit of dance is it can reduce stress levels.

The benefits of listening to great music, moving your body around and twisting to the beat will help release tension and provide relaxation. Dance teaches individuals about rhythm, timing and music which is necessary for creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression.

Highly stressful environments, such as work and school, can cause a lot of pressure from society. Dancing provides an outlet from challenges and high stress situations as it releases endorphins into the body. These endorphins reduce stress levels and help the body to feel optimistic and calm.

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The health benefits of dance are endless for both children and adults. We offer classes for all ages and abilities. If you are looking for a new way to express yourself and exercise, get moving with us by contacting us today!